NFL 2012 Mock Draft

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Round #1:

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck: Stanford Qb 6’4″ 235 lbs.

For the past few years the Colts have needed to draft a QB to begin training as Manning’s eventual successor. Unfortunately they were lazy on their draft picks in the past few years and now they have much more dire needs then a Quarter Back. However they will have to address those needs through trades/ free agencies/ and with their other picks because a team can not afford to pass up on a franchise QB like Andrew Luck.

2. St. Louis Rams: Matt Kalil: USC Offensive Tackle 6’6″ 295 lbs.

The Rams allowed 55 sacks this past season, and they need to protect their young Quarter Back much better than that to be successful and adding the best lineman in the draft to the offensive line can help anchor down a shaky group of lineman.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Morris Claiborne: LSU Corner Back 6’0″ 185 lbs.

While Claiborne will need to put on more weight to help his ability to be a run stopper he is already a prolific enough cover corner to help a Viking secondary that has been in need of any type of support as offenses have passed all over the Vikings in recent years.

4. Cleveland Browns: Dont’a Hightower: Alabama Inside Line Backer 6’4″ 260 lbs.

The Browns have many issues to address in their team but the run defense is in the most desperate situation, and by shire size Dont’a Hightower is a impressive player that can boost the entire Browns defense that seems to be lacking names as big as Hightowers’. Others have the Browns taking Robert Griffon III, but i believe they are still confident in their previous pick of Colt McCoy and RG III is far from a safe draft pick.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Luke Kuechly: Boston College Inside Line Backer 6’2″ 237 lbs.

The experts say that the Buccaneers will be taking Trent Richardson, but once again I must (with all due respect) disagree. LeGarrette Blount is a strong running back that the buccaneers should keep faith in and they need to address other issues first before worrying about a already good starter. Kuechly helps a 32nd ranked rushing defense and even help out with a 21st ranked passing defense.

6. Washington Redskins: Dre Kirkpatrick: Alabama Corner Back 6’2″ 192 lbs.

The redskins could use some help stopping the pass and Kirkpatrick is the best corner back left on the board and maybe even better than Claiborne whom I have going earlier in the draft. At 6’2″ Kirkpatrick is a tall CB that can get up and fight the 6’4″ receivers for the ball. Redskins fans will be wearing his jersey for quite some time if they elect to take him with the 6th pick of the draft.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Justin Blackmon: Oklahoma State Wide Receiver 6’1″ 215 lbs.

There is no better match than this pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Blackmon is debatably the best player in the 2012 NFL Draft and the Jaguars need to give young Blaine Gabbert a target to throw to better than their #1 Wide Receiver Jarett Dillard whom shouldn’t be considered any teams #1 option at WR.

8. Carolina Panthers: Devon Still: Penn State Defensive Tackle 6’4″ 310 lbs.

The Panther’s worst statistical category is their run defense and Still is the best Defensive Lineman in the 2012 draft, and he should be able to help provide a pass rush in a division where putting pressure on the QB is critical. After all the Panthers have to be able to pressure qb’s like Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Josh Freeman.

9. Miami Dolphins: Riley Reiff: Iowa Offensive Tackle 6’6″ 300 lbs.

The Dolphins will continue to build their super offensive line that they began with Long, and continued in last years draft with Pouncey. Eventually they will have a stellar offensive line to protect a Qb that they hopefully will draft or trade for, because Moore is most likely not a franchise Quarter Back.

10. Buffalo Bills: Quinton Coples: North Carolina Defensive Tackle 6’6″ 285 lbs.

Even in a pass heavy NFL it appears that most of the teams in the bottom portion of the standings have a weak run defense, and Buffalo is no exception. Although the Bills secondary has stepped up huge in a few games, but the lack of a run defense has proved to be detrimental to the Bills. Coples with his size and speed will prove to be a force on the defensive line and help make the Bills defense one of the top ones in the league.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Jonathan Martin: Stanford Offensive Tackle 6’6″ 305 lbs.

The Chiefs have made a big investment in Matt Cassel and I feel they are moving in the right direction, so this big lineman will help protect Cassel and provide blocking for the youthful backfield that Kansas City is putting around their Quarter Back to attempt to improve a long down team.

12. Seattle Seahawks: Robert Griffon III: Baylor Quarter Back 6’2″ 220 lbs.

Another draft pick that I would enjoy seeing come true is RG-3 going to Seattle to bring them back to a consistent playoff team. The reason he could be successful in seattle is the idea of having him with Marshawn Lynch in the same backfield just sounds like it could be successful. Mind you the Seahawks would need to add weapons to help RG-3 this would be a good step in the right direction for Seattle. Also RG-3 can not be any worse then Travaris Jackson.

13. Arizona Cardinals: Courtney Upshaw: Alabama Outside Line Backer 6’2″ 265 lbs.

The Cardinals chose Patrick Peterson in last years draft, and it seemingly has boosted their defense tremendously. To continue building a strong defense Upshaw would be one of the best picks for the cardinals who still have some struggles on defense. Also I believe when the combines start Upshaw will outshine South Carolina’s Melvin Ingram.

14. Dallas Cowboys: Alfonzo Dennard: Nebraska Corner Back 5’10″ 205 lbs.

Nebraska has produced a lot of hard hitting defensive players and Dennard is just that, and the Cowboys should be excited to pick him up this low in the NFL Draft. Dennard will undoubtedly raise the Cowboys pass defense higher than it’s current 27th place.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Melvin Ingram: South Carolina Line Backer 6’2″ 276 lbs.

Ingram would likely move to Inside Line Backer if he were to be drafted by the Eagles whom could use his big size to help slow down the running offense of its’ opponents that has presented the biggest issue for the Eagles through their disappointing year.

16. New York Jets: Mark Barron: Alabama Strong Safety 6’2″ 218 lbs.

On a team that boast a great defense Strong Safety has become a major concern, and has been considered their defenses weakest link. Mark Barron is a big Safety that posses the same speed as other safeties with smaller frames, and the aggressive play he learned at Alabama would fit in well with the Jets style of defense.

17. Cincinnati Bengals: David DeCastro: Stanford Offensive Guard 6’5″ 312 lbs.

Simply put the Bengals like Andy Dalton much more than even they thought they would, so now it is time to pick up some interior protection for their franchise Quarter Back and DeCastro is the best offensive guard in the 2012 NFL Draft.

18. SanDiego Chargers: Nick Perry: USC Defensive End 6’3″ 250 lbs.

The Chargers only managed 30 sacks in this past season and finished 20th in rushing defense so chances are that they will be taking the best defensive end on the board to help put more pressure on the opposing quarter back and help seal the edge against the running games.

19. Chicago Bears: Michael Floyd: Notre Dame Wide Receiver 6’3″ 224 lbs.

The biggest complaint from the Chicago Bears’ fans this season has to be the amount of dropped passes, and these are in large part due to the lack of talent at Wide Receiver. Floyd will provide a big target for the Bears and will catch almost everything that flies his way. The Notre Dame wide receiver is one of the most reliable prospects in the 2012 draft.

20. Tennessee Titans: Trent Richardson: Alabama Running Back 5’11″ 224 lbs.

One of the best players in the 2012 NFL Draft will finally be taken at pick #20. While he is definitely a top 5 talent, there is not a huge need at running back until the Tennessee Titans, and many will argue right here that they have Chris Johnson. However Chris Johnson didn’t seem to keep the Titans from having the 2nd worst rushing offense in 2011, and if Richardson did manage to slip this low the Titans would have to snatch him up and drop Johnson with his expensive new contract.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Peter Konz: Wisconsin Center 6’5″ 315 lbs.

With their second pick in the first round of the draft the Bengals will add to their first pick and improve the offensive line even more. This is a really good opportunity to get two first round offensive lineman in the same year.

22. Cleveland Browns: Whitney Mercilus: Illinois 6’4″ 265 lbs.

The Browns 2nd pick in the first round will be used to improve their 30th ranked rush defense by drafting the top defensive lineman left on the board and Mercilus will be just the right person for the job. With his huge size he should be able to have an immediate impact in the NFL.

23. Detroit Lions: Janoris Jenkins: North Alabama Corner Back 5’10″ 182 lbs.

Undersized and from a smaller school Jenkins will have a lot to prove at the combine and I believe the Lions will give him a chance to show his ball skills and leadership on a defense. Plus by this point in the draft Jenkins will be the best Corner Back left to choose from and allowing 239 passing yards per game the lions could use any help they can get at the corner back position.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Cordy Glenn: Georgia Offensive Guard 6’5″ 348 lbs.

 A massive offensive lineman to help protect Ben Roethlisberger from being sacked 42 times, and Glenn is an SEC tested guard that could line up with the other Pouncey brother and form a young but strong offensive line. Youth being important to the Steelers while they are mostly an aging team.

25. Denver Broncos: Fletcher Cox: Mississippi State Defensive Tackle 6’4″ 295 lbs.

Other than offensive passing the run defense is the worst category for the Broncos and a huge defensive lineman like Cox would help the youth resurgence that Jon Elway is bringing into the Broncos with Von Miller leading the charge at linebacker.

26: Houston Texans: Kendall Wright: Baylor Wide Receiver 5’10″ 190 lbs.

The Texans really need a good wide receiver opposite of Andre Johnson to help take some of the double coverage away from him. With Kendall Wright the texans would have a stellar running game and two wide receivers they could use like the Patriots used to us Moss & Welker as a receiving tangent.

27. Green Bay Packers: Zach Brown: North Carolina Outside Linebacker 6’2″ 230 lbs.

With the packers running a 3-4 scheme Brown would help bolster the linebacking core and assist them in becoming better then the worst passing defense which shouldn’t be too big of a challenge for a team that had the record they did this previous season.

28. New England Patriots: Chase Minnifield: Virginia Corner Back 6’0″ 185 lbs.

The Patriots like the Packers have had a very troubled secondary this year and Minnifield is similar to the type of players that the Patriots usually like to draft. He is not very hyped and he has decent size and speed and will probably be coached up to be one of the best corner backs in the league.

29. Baltimore Ravens: Mike Adams: Ohio State Offensive Tackle 6’6″ 320 lbs.

A massive offensive lineman to help protect Joe Flacco and provide Ray Rice with some bigger holes to run through. While this is a good pick by the Ravens they may trade up to get a defensive player to replace one of their many older players like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs.

30. New York Giants: Kevin Zeitler: Wisconsin Offensive Guard 6’4″ 318 lbs.

Although the Giants have two great running backs in Bradshaw and Jacobs they still have one of the worst rushing offense in all of the NFL. This is in large part due to their lack of depth at the offensive line so look for them to pick up an Offensive Guard already used to pro style blocking a.k.a Zeitler.

31. New England Patriots: Jared Crick: Nebraska Defensive End 6’4″ 285 lbs.

The patriots two defensive ends combined for a total of 3 sacks this season, and Crick should be able to come in and double that number almost by himself. This Nebraska defensive end has a high motor and doesn’t stop until the play is over. He will be brought in almost specifically to get pressure on opposing quarter backs and make the secondary’s jobs a little easier.

32. SanFrancisco 49ers: Alshon Jeffery: South Carolina Wide Receiver 6’4″ 229 lbs.

Earlier in the season the 49ers took Braylon Edwards off of the free agent market when no one else wanted him. This was not because of their faith in Edwards being an elite receiver as much of a sign of desperation for a receiver to line up opposite of the talented but young Michael Crabtree. Well Jeffery is a deep threat receiver whom with Harbaugh’s coaching could become one of the top 15 receivers in the NFL in a few years.

That is the end of my round 1 2012 NFL Mock Draft, all statistics provided by and CBS Sports Prospect ratings. These are my opinions and any comments would be appreciated as i’d love to know who the readers would like to see their team draft. Thank you for reading please share with anyone who remotely likes football.

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Where are they now?

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There are many football fans in the United States of America, and it is fair to say that many of these fans prefer collegiate football but have little interest in what happens in the NFL. Well this article is to inform fans of college football how their QB from the previous year is fairing in the National Football League. Also for those whom enjoy the NFL they may be curious to what QB their team should have drafted instead.

Let us begin by mentioning QB’s that have not seen a snap in a regular season game yet, and see if they will eventually have an impact or if they will simply become another forgotten name.

Rookie QB: Nathan Enderle

NFL Team: Chicago Bears

From: Idaho University

          Nathan Enderle was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 5th round (160th Overall) and as of now he is the 3rd string Quarter Back but he was taken as a developmental QB to learn from Jay Cutler and eventually take over the Bears. As of now Enderle has not taken any snaps for the Chicago Bears in the regular season, but in about 4 years when you hear his name again he could be a decent starting QB.

          Enderle was a 4 year starter at Idaho, and as such he averaged 20+ touchdowns a year excluding his rookie year where he managed a mere 10 passing touchdowns. As of now it is not likely that Nathan Enderle will become a household name in the NFL.

Rookie QB: Tyrod Taylor

NFL Team: Baltimore Ravens

From: Virginia Tech

          While Tyrod has not taken a snap in the regular season his coaches were impressed with his showing in the preseason, and when asked about his athleticism and maybe moving him to a different position the coaches were adamant that Tyrod was drafted as a QB and was expected to perform as such. Showing that the Baltimore Ravens really have faith in Tyrod taking over the team in future years.

Rookie QB: Ricky Stanzi

NFL Team: Baltimore Ravens

From: Iowa University

          The old Iowa Hawkeye Quarterback is yet another rookie QB to of not taken a regular season snap this year, which may change in the near future as the Chiefs continue to struggle offensively. By watching his college career it is apparent that if handled properly Stanzi could eventually become a top ten NFL QB.

Rookie QB: Ryan Mallet

NFL Team: New England Patriots

From: Arkansas

          Still has not seen a snap in the National Football League, but no other rookie QB is in a better situation than Ryan Mallet. Mallet has the opportunity to learn from a 3 time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, not to mention his abilities fit into New England’s scheme perfectly. When Brady retires it will appear that the Patriots have not missed a beat. Think about it they will have a non mobile, accurate, and smart QB in Ryan Mallet similar to Brady.

Rookie QB: Greg McElroy

NFL Team: New York Jets

From: Alabama

          Finally, the last Rookie QB that has not taken a snap in the regular season of the NFL yet. While he has been nursing an injury it is obvious that McElroy will not be taking over Mark Sanchez’s starting position any time soon but his performance in the preseason did raise some eyebrows as he flashed some impressive decision making early and often.


As this article proceeds the QB’s will be mentioned in order of whom has been the best statistically.

Rookie QB: Collin Kaepernick

NFL Team: SanFrancisco

From: Nevada

          Collin Kaepernick has only seen snaps in the final seconds of a 2 games where the 49ers have had a comfortable lead. With the surprisingly good play by Alex Smith under new head coach Jim Harbaugh it does not appear that Kaepernick’s playing time will increase without an injury or meltdown for Alex Smith.

          Kaepernick’s stats are as follows:
34 Total Yards

                                  0 Total Touchdowns

                                  0 Turn Overs

                                 100% Completions (out of 3 passes)

                                 115.3 QB Rating

                                 And his team is currently at (9-2)

Rookie QB: Jake Locker

NFL Team: Tennessee Titans

From: Washington

         As Matt Hasselbeck was injured for a few games Locker was given his chance to wow the Tennessee Titan fans, and he went (1-2) as a starter. While his showing was not impressive it did not help that Chris Johnson, the superstar running back, was running the ball so pathetically that a considerable amount of pressure was placed on the young rookie Jake Locker. Hasselbeck is by no means in his prime, and probably only has a little more time left in his NFL Career.

         Jake Locker’s Stats are as follows:

                                   Remember this is over the course of three games

                                   163 total yards

                                   2 total touchdowns

                                   0 turnovers

                                  47.6 % Completion Percentage

                                  103.7 QB Rating

                                  Jake Locker was (1-2) as a starter until Matt Hasselbeck returned from injury


Rookie QB: Christian Ponder

NFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

From: Florida State University

         The Minnesota Vikings have been unable to make up their mind on who they want as their starting QB as neither McNabb nor Ponder proved to be able to lift the desperate Vikings to much success as they are a mere (2-9). Ponder has seemed like with a few more years in the same system that he could be a solid starter in years to come.

          As a starter Christian Ponder is (1-5) and his stats are as follows :

                                          1,281 total yards

                                          6 total touchdowns

                                          7  total turnovers

                                         54.4% completion percentage

                                        72.6 QB Rating

Rookie QB: Blaine Gabbert

NFL Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

From: Missouri

          The Jacksonville Jaguars (who today fired their head coach, and sold the team) have, despite their record, taken a step in the right direction with Blaine Gabbert. Although his most recent game he looked rattled, that tends to happen to a rookie QB thrown on the gridiron with no good targets at wide receiver. However Gabbert has shown the ability to make good decisions, and has had great touch on the majority of his passes. He is a contender, and if Gabbert can stay healthy long enough to be given better targets and protection the Jaguars may finally be in contention to be a play off team.

          Jacksonville is (3-7) with Gabbert as the starting QB, and his stats are as follows:

                                1,447 total yards

                                6 total touchdowns

                                12 total turnovers

                               48.5% completion percentage

                               62.2 QB Rating

Rookie QB: Cameron Newton

NFL Team: Carolina Panthers

From: Auburn

          Possibly the most criticized QB heading into the NFL Draft Cameron Newton earned the starting spot half way through the preseason over the previous year’s starter and Notre Dame graduate Jimmy Clausen. Newton has electrified the team that had finished in last place the previous season, although he has not brought a whole lot of wins to the panthers they have been competitive in all but one game, and lost to the undefeated Packers by a mere touchdown. Not to mention Newton has excited a fan base whose best QB in their history was the lowly Jake Delhomme, granted the Panthers are a fairly recent expansion team.

          The Panthers with Cameron Newton as their starter are at a mere (3-8)

                       [One more win then all of last year] and his stats are as follows:

                                         3,464 total yards

                                         22 total touchdowns

                                         16 total turnovers

                                         61% completion percentage

                                         81.1 QB rating

Rookie QB: Andy Dalton

NFL Team: Cincinnati Bengals

From: Texas Christian University

          After much consideration it was only appropriate to put Andy Dalton as the best Rookie QB this season. While Newton’s stats may look more impressive, Andy Dalton’s QB Rating is higher and he has 4 more wins then the Heisman trophy winner. In most people’s eyes it is wins and only wins that matter.

           The Bengals are currently at (7-4) with Andy Dalton as the starting QB, and his stats are as follows:

                                   2,590 total yards

                                   17 total touchdowns (5 less TD’s)

                                   13 total turnovers (4 less turnovers)

                                  60.1% completion percentage (.9 worse than Newton)

                                 81.8 QB rating (.7 better than Newton)

I have included the comparisons in the brackets to show how close these two rookies phenomenal first years.

To sum it up when analyst called this past draft “The Year of The Quarterback” they were fairly accurate as there are plenty of QB’s in this rookie class that appear to have promising futures in the National Football League.

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“Suck For Luck Sweepstakes”

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Three teams in the NFL remain winless after week 7 of the regular season.

These teams are:

1)The Colts (0-7) without Peyton Manning at the helm.

2)The Rams (0-6) whom are plagued with injuries.

3)The Dolphins (0-6) whom almost had their first win if it weren’t for Denver Broncos Tim Tebow’s prayers being answered.

Being winless this far into the season, teams are beginning to look forward to the future for some sort of savior in the 2012 NFL Draft. So the general consensus, as it was last year, is that Stanford QB Andrew Luck is the obvious first overall pick for whatever team finishes with the worst record in the National Football League.

Unfortunately popular opinion will likely be wrong once again, considering that many of the lower level teams have bigger needs then that of the QB position. So sorry Andrew Luck you won’t be getting the big pay check that comes with being the #1 overall draft pick. At least then Luck won’t have as much pressure as previous #1 overall picks have experienced.

What Comes Up Must Come Down:

To say that the Colts have fallen from grace is to massively understate the turmoil going on with the Indianapolis Colts. Since 1998 (Peyton Manning’s Rookie year) the Colts have only had 2 losing seasons, and the worse being 3-13 in 1998. So it is easy to see why the colts are panicking to solve such inexcusable losing (Allowing 62 points to the Saints). Before the season I argued that the Colts needed to draft a QB because there is no way Manning in his 13th year as a Colt could not possibly have more then 5 years left in his tank, and his season ending injury only confirms my beliefs.

Unfortunately I was wrong on what the Colts needed. Even though they still need a new franchise QB, i do not believe that Manning played defense for Indianapolis as well. The saints made it painfully obvious that the Indianapolis Colts have a porous pass defense, and an anemic pass rush. While most players on the Colts have no more then 3 years of experience, there is still almost no excuse for an NFL team to allow a whopping 62 points. In short, it would be beneficial to the Colts to draft some big name defenders.

If the Colts reach their second pick of the NFL draft and do not have any solid defenders to pick from they could finally address the running back position. After all if the Colts really and truly realize their need to completely revamp an old team, they will need a running game to ease the pressure on a developing QB (Marshall Faulk did this for Manning).

So Andrew Luck is a viable option for the Colts, but it is more likely that the Colts take a 2nd or 3rd round QB in hopes that Manning has 3 years left. By taking a later round QB the Colts can beaf up a defense that clearly needs a leader and star.

This Didn’t Take Long:

It has been 8 years since the St. Louis Rams have had a winning season. In the past 4 seasons the Rams have been 13-51 which is needless to say a pitiful showing by any team in the National Football League. Ownership may be a big issue for the Rams as their needs are numerous and seemingly basic for most people who know how to actually build a successful team.

The basic structure of rebuilding a team usually goes in this order with step #1 and #2 being interchangeable:

#1 Draft a “Franchise Quarterback”

#2 Draft/Buy said QB some protection (Offensive Lineman)

#3 Give the QB some weapons (wide receivers, running backs, whichever is needed)

#4 Build a Defense so your QB doesn’t have to score 50 points to win

The Rams however…Only did step 1 and hoped for the best. So with a need for better protection, targets, and defense the Rams could use one of the best NFL drafts ever seen. However with Bradford being effective taking Andrew Luck would only be wasted talent on the Rams considering they wouldn’t block for him thus ending a promising career.

So Close:

The Dolphins have had some great renovations in recent years. Acquiring Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall, drafting two pro bowl offensive lineman, beefing up a hurting defense that suffered a loss when Ronde Barber retired. Miami has done all the steps to be successful and yet are sitting at (0-6) on the season so far so what went wrong?

Personally replacing Ronnie Brown with Reggie Bush is a mistake no doubt, but that can’t cause a team to be (0-6) can it? Unlikely that a running back could cause such a dramatic difference, but the most glaring flaw in the process Miami is going through is they skipped step #1.

Chad Pennington, and Chad Henne should not be starting QB’s for any team in the National Football League and this means that the Miami Dolphins are the prime candidates to pick up the franchise Quarterback Andrew Luck. Maybe Miami planned on fulfilling all the other steps 1st and then add in a franchise quarterback to bring the team to glory. Either that or it took such a terrible showing to truly convince the coaches and ownership of Miami that a new Qb was needed to succeed.

Well Luck is a perfect fit for Miami right? Yes he is, but I stand by my statement that Luck will not be the very first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. This is because the Miami Dolphins are liable to win a few more games then the worse team in the NFL (The Colts).

So as the “Suck For Luck Sweepstakes” continues remember that a Quarterback is not always the answer to a struggling team, and if you are a Colts fan I hope you have patience because the next few years should really be a test to the sanity of Colts fans used to greatness.

Beginning in 2007 the South Eastern Conference (SEC) has been considered one of the most dominant conferences in all of Division 1 College Football. The ascent into pure domination of the college football world perhaps begun  when the 2004 Auburn Tigers went undefeated, only to be snubbed by the befuddling BCS (Bowl Championship Series) System that would not given the Tigers a chance to play for the BCS National Championship. Well, this strike of brilliance in the SEC would remain dormant in the next season or two when teams like Texas were playing some brutal, physical football. The forthcoming season of 2006 showed the SEC was loaded with talent as in years past but this time it was a whole other level as the Florida Gators proved victorious in the SEC Championship game, and proceeded to become the 2006 National Champions thus beginning an unprecedented dominance of a conference winning 5 National Championships in a row, Auburn’s 2010-11 campaign being the most recent.

So the SEC should be pretty happy with their current members correct? No, in a firestorm of media swarming to the South to cover the possible SEC expansion as commentators attempt to speculate on whom may be joining the prestigious SEC. While Texas A&M seems to be the clear cut leader for joining into the SEC west the issue seems to be not making a deal with Texas A&M but instead finding another team to balance out the conference. While no one has a great guess on who the other team may be ultimately it does not matter, simply because it will be a quality team that can bring in even more money to the already profitable SEC.

Now the question that should be asked is whether or not the South Eastern Conference really needs more competition in an already gruelingly tough conference. With the BCS system’s math a team has to go undefeated in order to be in consideration for the National Championship game, and going undefeated in the SEC is the farthest thing from easy. What should bother fans of an SEC team is this: Any fan of a SEC team knows that the majority of the schedule is conference games, and that at least two of the non-conference games are against cupcake teams leaving only two new meaningful opponents each year. So with the addition of at least one team on each side of the conference the schedule for each team will be just about the same every season which could prove to be boring.

Think of some of the most exciting upcoming games this season (LSU vs. Oregon, Boise State vs. Georgia, Penn St. vs. Alabama, even Auburn vs. Clemson) games like these are exciting because they help prove out of conference dominance, and with another in-conference game on the schedule games like these could become increasingly rare.  However, those opposed to the change be aware that the South Eastern Conference as we know it today has only been this way for 19 years out of its vast 75 year history. Also remember that there is a business end to college football and this potential expansion could bring more money to the SEC then any form of advertising, and would solidify the South Eastern Conference as the undeniably superior conference in all of college football as if that was not already the case.

Revision Note’s: Teams That may be involved in expansion are as follows:

Texas A&M-The only known school to of had actual KNOWN meetings with the SEC and so far a favorite by many

FSU-Unlikely they finally have a shot at winning their own conference for the first time in a long while why move to a harder conference?

Miami-Umm let’s put it this way, you don’t share a drink from someone with leprosy

Virginia Tech – In 2003 the Hokies had to fight and bargain to get into the ACC, look for them to stay put

Texas & Texas Tech – Both would be added to the SEC West thus bumping out a team on the West to the east, and yes they are a package deal the SEC

or any other conference will not be receiving either of these teams by themselves although if these two get added Texas A&M may

be dropped unless…

Clemson or Georgia Tech gets added as well which would make a 16 team “Super Conference” that would look like this…


West:                    East:

Alabama               Florida

 Arkansas             Georgia

     Auburn                 Kentucky

              LSU                     South Carolina

           Ole Miss         Mississippi State

 Texas               Tennessee

 Texas Tech   Vanderbilt

    Texas A&M       Clemson

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ESPN Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief Football is Back

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Every year some poor souls have to gather and start forming Preseason rankings for the top 25 teams in all of NCAA Division Football  (Out of 119 teams). So let us see who has been over-rated as well as under rated teams.


However to be fair I will help make sense of why some of these predictions could possibly make sense other than that some teams really have a strong pull in the media.

#25 The Miami Hurricanes

(A.K.A. “The U”)


               The University of Miami is THE most talented college football team year in and year out. No matter how bad their record may be the Hurricanes will still put 8 or more players into the NFL. Also the hurricanes are in the ACC which lately is up for grabs as their is no dominate force in the ACC, although FSU fans would like to believe they are on their way you still must respect the ever talented “U”. When they want to win they are one of the top 10 teams in the nation, but the immaturity of these pure athletes is what keeps them at the very bottom of the Top 25.

Where an Argument Could be Made:

           If one believes that their team should of broken into the top 25 this is why “The U” could be bumped down and out of the Preseason Top 25. Simply the aforementioned immaturity of the team, and a coach that does not have the presence required to keep players of this kind in line. Another concern for the Hurricanes is this, When you lose a QB who essentially carried your team as well as leading them as a captain the following season  will be rocky. Miami has a Junior whom has had minimal playing time will struggle when faced with the challenge of replacing a dynamic starter.

My Biased Opinion:

            I feel that Miami does belong somewhere in the Top 25, and that they will finish in the Top 25 when the music all stops. They will struggle early and often, but with an ACC schedule they will come out looking successful. They will not win the ACC Championship, but they will make it to a Bowl Game and have a winning season at the least.

Overall predicted record: 8-4


#24 West Virginia Mountaineers



Why It’s Logical:

              Because of one simple reason, the Big East is awful the Mountaineers are simply the most stable team in the conference and with the schedule they have they can have a not impressive year as their only good opponent is LSU (who they will not beat). However at the end of the year they will be ranked due to the fact that they have few teams that should falter them on the way to being Big East Champions


Argument Time!!

              While other teams with lesser records but tougher schedules may deserve a top 25 ranking the coaches and A.P. Polls will have to give the nod to West Virginia who will have 9 wins if they dont lose any games they shouldn’t. West virginia will be losing a lot of talent on defense in this upcoming year so maybe their lack of defense will knock them out of the Top 25.

My Opinion:

          West Virginia will win 9 of their games and claiming the Big East Championship they will finish in the bottom of the top 25 right where they start. They will shine early against LSU but the talent and depth will crush West Virginia thus ending West Virginia’s hopes at a real bowl game. (For some reason 10-2 sounds much better than 9-3)



#23 Auburn Tigers

(Defending National Champions)

The Logic Behind This:

          This hurts me, honestly it does. The obvious reason that the Auburn Tigers (Defending Champions) are rated 23rd is simply this: Cam Newton the most electrifying player in 2010 has gone 1st overall in the draft to the Carolina Panthers (Bless their heart), and Nick Fairley a disruptive force on the defensive line. A defensive line that will co-star with Ndamakung Suh. But i digress Auburn is predicted to take a drop off without these stars, and with no definite starting QB the team seemingly has no direction. Also apparently Auburn is going to finish behind Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, and Miss State. The media loves Auburn… NOT

Why This Rating Sucks:

          While losing Cam Newton seems like a bad thing the upside is that now Auburn can open its play book up 100% Since Barret Trotter, Clint Moseley, and Kiehl Frazier all know the playbook better than Cam did, simply because they have more experiance with it. Although the Qb may not play an important role in Auburns offense this season, with Michael Dyer breaking the legend Bo Jackson’s freshman rushing record, and Onterio McCalebb setting the yards per carry record there is no reason Auburn shouldn’t run the ball. Defensively Auburns pass defense can’t get any worse.

My Opinion:

          Auburn finishes 9-3 in this rebuilding year making them bowl elligible, and Auburn will show whatever opponent they have in their bowl game that the SEC is the superior confrence in all of college football. Just Sayin’


#22 Florida Gators

Why it Makes Sense:

          Will Muschamp is a great coach especially on the defensive side of the ball and he will definitely improve a Gator team that is in need of a revival. Florida has some great athletes that will help them shine this year, although they will be using alot of their young talent that they garnered in this great recruiting class. For a Florida fan to argue this ranking they should simply appreciate this rating that is actually sort of optimistic.

The Debate:

          With all due respect to Will Muschamp who was a great defensive coordinator at Auburn, as well as Texas, I am going to have to argue against this rating unfortunately the Gators even at #22 are overrated until proven otherwise. The Gators at this moment do not at this moment have a QB worth starting in the South Eastern Confrence, and this is in due part to the multi QB system that they tried to run this past season. Florida has to accept that they will not find another Tebow and need to take some rebuilding years to find out how to play without him. Luckily for them Urban Meyer is gone so they can move forward from the ‘Golden Years’.

My Opinion:

         The Florida Gators have THE most brutal schedule in college football this season that predicting them to go 7-5 is actually my optimistic guess as they come in without a good Qb and a brand new head coach Florida will struggle early but they have some easy warm up games in Florida Atlantic, UAB, and Tennessee. However from there they have Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and finally rounding it out with the SEC runner up last season South Carolina.


#21 Arkansas Razorbacks

Why it Makes Sense:

          Losing Ryan Mallet could be the reason they think that Arkansas will have such a drop off this season, and maybe they also realized how the Wide Recievers seem to drop every pass that is somewhat difficult and or important (see the 2010 game against Alabama). However Arkansas is ranked in large part of their back up Quarter Back whom had an amazing showing against Auburn when Mallet when down this past season, and he appears to be poised to pick up where Mallet left off.

Why It is Not Quite Right:

          Arkansas is seemingly underrated for a team that gave every other team in the SEC a run for their money as well as Ohio State in the bowl game. They will be succesfull as they will stick to their same offense that they have settled into in the past few seasons or so, and the defense would improve like Auburn’s their pass defense can not get worse.


         It would not be outlandish to predict Arkansas to go 9-3 in this upcoming season they are perfectly capable of doing so, but I feel the Razorbacks will experience growing pains behind a inexperienced Quarter Back. So this season I would not take any bets on Arkansas they could either upset the Alabama Crimson Tide, or get embarrassed by the Ole Miss Rebels.


#20 Mississippi State Bulldog

Why It Makes Sense:

          The Bulldogs have as much talent as any team in the nation and are on the verge of peaking instead of being on a rebuilding season like many other teams seem to be. Natural talent and a motivated head coach and should have some success in this following season.

Where This Seems Not Quite Right:

          Well this ranking is adequate for the Bulldogs that do not have any one particularly special quality about their team. So an average rating like this may actually be a little bit higher then they will actually finish it is seemingly a actual rating that seems to fit just right.

My Opinion:

         The Bulldogs will challenge a few teams here and there but I dont see them having any sort of great season. I actually see the Bulldogs finishing 6-6 in this upcoming season barring any upsets that they may cause.


#19 The Missouri Tigers

Why it Makes Sense:

          The Missouri Tigers are THE MOST consistent team in Division 1 College Football. Even with the departure of Blaine Gabbert the Tigers have a QB that is more then ready to step into his place. Also Missouri fans can relax this season knowing that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are no longer in the Big 12 which means Mizzou actually has a chance at winning their conference for once!

Where it Is Slightly Wrong:

         Mizzou is a decent team that could finish with a respectable 8-4 record, but as we get into the higher rankings the 19th spot should not belong to a decent team that will not fair well against certain bigger teams. Oklahoma will crush the Tigers spirit early into the season unfortunately for Mizzou.

My Opinion:

          The Tigers will beat some ok teams, but they will be unable to compete with teams like Oklahoma, OK State, a resurging Texas, and Tommy Tubberville’s Teaxas Tech (That is a tongue twister). Ultimately the Tigers will finish outside of the top #25 and will enjoy some cheesy bowl game and a honarable mention.


#18 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Why this Fits:

          The Nebraska Cornhuskers are a hard hitting Northern team that is moving to the Big 10 at a wrather oppertune time, and there will be some interesting games in this coming season. The Big 10 is very shaken at this moment, Ohio State for example is on the verge of being the next USC due to five players risking their college careers on getting some tattoo’s, Denard Robinson cant run Michigan by himself, Iowa is rebuilding. There is not a better time to enter a new conference then now and thats why Nebraska looks to be promissing.

Where It Doesn’t Add up:

          The 18th spot on the top 25 list is actually underrating the Cornhuskers. There is not a team in the Big 10 that has their act together as well as Nebraska does, and while they will not take the confrence by storm they should be able to weather the storm in a sort of stingy confrence. (Still no SEC but respectible in itself)

My Opinion:

          Saying that the Cornhuskers could go 10-2 is not outlandish in any way, and that could land them much higher then 18th when the music stops playing. The Cornhuskers are easily one of the top 10 teams in the nation when they play to the best of their ability and they don’t have to play any speedy teams so they can out muscle any opponent. However losing Prince Amukamara will definitely show in the defense this season and assuming Ohio States star players ever play in college again they will pose as a big issue for Nebraska.


#17 Virginia Tech Hokies

The little sense This Makes:

          These are the words of an ESPN Announcer not me: “The ‘A’ in ACC stands for Aweful” and that is why Virginia Tech is ranked at all. With an easy ACC schedule and some chip games here and there the Hokies could have a impressive record without much quality behind their wins.

And Time for Real Logic:

          The Hokies have lost Tyrod Taylor (pictured above (also he carried the whole team last season)), Ryan Williams, and Darren Evans. Which leaves their offense in a complete rebuilding state, so maybe their defense can save them right? No, the defensive side of the ball looked simply abysimal last season and it shouldn’t be improving any time soon.

My Opinion:

          Virginia tech finishing 8-4 would slightly surprise me, and the Hokies finishing in the top 25 seems rather unlikely even with their current schedule. They have talent but no leadership or seemingly any motivation so they seem to be only good nothing more untill a new leader steps forward for the team.


#16 Penn State Nittany Lions

Why It Makes Sense:

          Joe-Pa is simply a legend, however even legends have to fall eventually and Penn State may be on the verge of such a drop off. This past season was the first time in Joe-Pa’s career as a head coach that a true freshman would be his starting Qb, and while the young quarterback shows promise it also shows that Penn State may be rebuilding. Last season they did not have a great showing against some of the tougher teams. Penn State can beat all of the average teams and some of the slightly better teams but 16th is a good ranking for a team that is slightly better then most.

Where it Is Wrong:

          Unfortunately for Penn State has a schedule that may lead them to a dissapointing record as they have to allow Alabama into their stadium just to get worn out by a team that’ll simply out athlete penn state. This early on loss with a young QB could lead to trouble with Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska all looming for their turn to defeat the NCAA’s winningest coach of all time.

My Opinion:

         With schedule looking the way it is the Nittany Lions may be in for a 5-7 season that could lead people to wondering if Joe-Pa is starting to become Bowden-esc. Although the Nittany Lions should not be overlooked by anyone (Looking at you Alabama) because they still have one of the best coaches of all time and sometimes a young QB can be reckless enough to win.

#15 Michigan State Spartans

(I couldn’t resist)

Why It Makes Sense:

          The Spartans are the best at upsetting teams that show promise, and through a bunch of upsets the media as well as some coaches are starting to wonder if the team keeps beating other highly ranked teams maybe they are good? Well that is the logic that is taking place right now among voters, and that is essentially why the hard fighting spartans with heart are ranked 15th in the polls.

Where it is Slightly off:

          While they consistently beat these highly ranked teams i still feel they are not quite on the level of some of the other teams in the NCAA, and like teams such as Boise State, and TCU they just wont get the respect they want until their depth improves. The spartans have a 1 in 5 chance of beating a team like Ohio State, they just also seem to be one of the luckiest teams.

My Opinion:

       In their current confrence the Spartans will shine but when they are forced to play a team from the SEC they will continue to get embarressed (ex. Alabama 49- Spartans 7, in the Capitol One Bowl Game).


#14 TCU Horned Frogs

Why It Makes Sense:

          Like Boise State TCU is considered a very consistent program that finds a way to win season after season. Another team in a weak conference, and a weak schedule outside of their conference that looks simply too easy. With only Wyoming and Boise State proposing a challenge to the Horned frogs in the 2011 Football season they should finish with a respectable 10-2 record that would put them finishing in the top 25.


The Issue:

          Andy Dalton (pictured above) is in the NFL leaving TCU to replace the best Quarter Back they have had in decades. That will not be easy, and their counterparts Boise State (who still have Kellen Moore whom finished 3rd in the Heisman race this past season) will make sure to make life difficult for the horned frogs.


My Opinion:

          The TCU Horned Frogs have been enjoying their 15 minutes of fame in the NCAA Football world, but the curtain is beginning to close on this small christian school from Texas. Look for this season to be the precurser to the descent of this team that will probably have to wait years before they are considered a top 15 talent again.


# 13 Florida State Seminoles


How It Makes Sense:

          Florida State is on the upswing they seem to be improving with every game under Jimbo, however FSU fans have to understand that Jimbo has been running the team for the last few years. Bowden has been more of a figure head in his last few seasons with the Noles. But! With Urban Meyer scaring off top Florida talent to Tallahassee and Jimbo giving the appearance of young blood at Florida State players are excited to commit to the Noles. Look for this young talent to show in this coming up season.

Where I Have to Hurt Some Feelings:

          Florida State’s hopes are too high too early into this new regime under Jimbo. The Seminoles, while becoming a more dominate force in the ACC still do not quite have the National Prowess that they wish they had. While FSU fans will argue that in the Chik-Fil-A-Bowl they beat South Carolina 26-17 so they must be as good as any SEC team. Sorry to say this but that is wrong, Auburn defeated South Carolina 56-17 leaving them unmotivated. That example aside Oklahoma embarassed FSU last season 47-17 and their rematch this season is likely to end in similar fashion.

My Opinion:

          FSU appears to be a 5 loss team this upcoming season, and i cant justify putting them any higher then they are currently ranked without their QB Christian Ponder. Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson, and Florida all look in position to give FSU more then they can handle and Virginia isn’t a chip game either.

#12 Ohio State

The Logic Behind It:

          Ohio State has an insane amount of talent every season for some rea$on or another. So with a seemingly light schedule the Buck Eyes should finish with a fair record by the end of the season. However for a team that seemed positioned to have a run at the National Championship having a fair season is just dissapointing. Even with the suspension of Terrelle Pryor and the other 5 players that recieved improper benefits from a tattoo artist the Buck Eyes will finish in the top 15 since those players will be back after the first 5 games.

What Might Go Wrong:

         Terrelle Pryor and others being gone for the first five games of the season does not look horrible considering Ohio State refuses to schedule tough opponents. However teams such as Miami and Michigan State could challenge a depleated Ohio State, and even Nebraska could take advantage of it being the banned players first game back to Football. Also people tend to forget the head coach is no longer just on temporary suspension, but is gone from college football probably forever.

My Opinion:

          Ohio State fans now is the time where the bandwagon fans will be weeded out from the true fans because this will be a very trying year for the Buckeyes and their fans. The hate will come towards Ohio State more then ever, players like Terelle will never be able to shake the bad reputation and chances are if Pryor were to put up 20,000 yards passing they would still only talk about him selling his jersey in exchange for a tattoo. What a evil, evil man… Trust me I just spent a year hearing the same about Cam Newton who was never found of any wrong doing, and bad mouthing of Auburn that was never under any sort of investigation.


#11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Why The Irish May Be Lucky:

          Notre Dame has garnerd a desire to actually compete in college football. Their defense is brutal looking for the big hits on almost every play, and they seem to get better game by game under Coach Kelly. Also in the past few years they’ve put some offensive players into the NFL, and in general the fighting irish are climbing there way up (slowly mind you) the ladder of college football.

Why They May Finish Lower:

          The Fighting Irish are simply young, both in the coaching staff as well as the players. With a managable schedule the Irish will not surprise anyone nor dissapoint. Teams like Michigan, Michigan State, and USC will probably prove too much for Notre Dame as they continue to develop and aquire young talent during the 2011 Season.

My Opinion:

         The fighting Irish will fight hard making their ancestors proud of them, but ultimately they wont quite reach the end of the rainbow, and will fall short. Look for Notre Dame to prove as a legitimate threat to anyone on their schedule in the 2011 football season.


#10 Wisconsin Badgers

The Logic of Badger Power:

         The Wisconsin Badgers have the very best offensive line in the nation hands down. With Russell Wilson transfering to Wisconsin their chances of being a legitimate threat for a BCS title increased dramatically. Russell Wilson was highly recruited not only by Wisconsin but also by Auburn, Alabama, Texas, and various other power houses in the NCAA. The Badgers are an intimidating team this season and one heck of a team to begin the countdown of the Top 10 Teams.

Badger’s Bicker:

        While the Badgers can not argue being close to teams like Oregon, Oklahoma, or even Alabama they can disagree with some of the teams placed higher in the top 10. The Badgers probably feel that some of the more sketchy teams such as Boise State, Texas A&M, and even Oklahoma State may not be as proven as Wisconsin.

My Opinion:

        Looking at Wisconsin’s schedule it is quite possible that the Badgers could go undefeated with some tough wins here and there. Their big competitors are Oregon State (They have a solid chance here), Nebraska (They have a great chance here), Michigan State (should be easier then expected), and finally Ohio State which is a 50/50 shot. However if the badgers were to make it to the National Championship they will fall victim to a superior team (Maybe Oregon, or Oklahoma).



 #9 Texas A&M Aggies

How It Makes Sense:

          The Aggies have ten returning starters on offense as well as a experianced defense that returns quite a few starters as well. Von Miller leaving for the pro’s will hurt but the Aggies should be able to make up for it in a ever evolving 3-4 defense. The Aggies schedule has seven guarenteed wins, and have three games that they will stand a fair chance at winning however Texas A&M does not seem to have mutch of a chance against a team like Oklahoma.



        Texas A&M while they have a lot of returning starters this coming season, which is a year of rebuilding for a ton of power house teams. The Aggies are not a top 10 team. While they played great against the other texas teams (Texas, and texas tech) this past season the Texas longhorns will be back to their usual self, and Tubberville is improving Texas Tech. The Aggies are talented but not that good.


My Opinion:

        Plain and simple i see the Aggies having a dissapointing season at 7-5 sending them to a bowl game but hurting their pride a little. The Aggies will continue to improve though, and hopefully they do not get discouraged by this season.


#8 South Carolina Gamecocks

Why it Makes Sense:

          South Carolina is a very talented football team under coach Steve Spurrier they are a legitimate contender for both the SEC title, and possibly a national title this coming up season. With Alshon Jeffrey being one of the top Wide Receivers in the nation, and Marcus Lattimore being one of the most impressive freshman running backs in the nation the past season. Although they have a Quarter Back that Spurrier commented on him saying simply “You can’t fix stupids”.

Where It is Off:

        The Gamecocks are a legitimate threat to take the SEC title so placing them 8th behind teams such as Oklahoma State and Boise State is hard to justify. However, South Carolina does have an issue in the fact that their QB resembles Tony Romo in the aspect that he plays poorly in big games (See SEC Championship, as well as Chick-Fil-A Bowl).

My Opinion:

        South Carolina can very easily go 11-1 in this upcoming season with their two toughest competitors being Auburn, Clemson, and Florida. Another team that could prove to be an interesting challenge is Mississippi State who has snuck up out of no where to impress tons of SEC teams and even coaches across the nation that see potential in a run heavy offense.


#7 Oklahoma State Cowboys

New Look, New Era?

        The Cowboys of Oklahoma State have a new uniform this coming up season (not really a surprise they are a nike team) and they have a very innovative offense that utilizes a huge amount of talented wide receivers. Justin Blackmon is one of the top Wide Receivers that NCAA football has seen in years as far as pure talent goes he is simply astounding and amazing to watch. A player that helps with this Heisman hopefull is his 28 year old QB that had a small run in minor league baseball threw for over 4,000 yards.

Good, but Great?

       The Cowboys will appear impressive early and often with the spotlight on them this coming up season being ranked 7th in the nation. This ranking may actually be lower then where the Cowboys will actually finish, not because of their talent but more so beacause of the cupcake schedule that they have before them. That is until their game against Oklahoma..

 My Opinion:

       The Oklahoma State Cowboys will continue to improve this season as they will have a big number of upper classman in this upcoming season. This will be the best shot for the cowboys to impress the nation and finish with a respectable bowl win, maybe even a BCS bowl game.


#6 Boise State Broncos

Why It Makes Sense:

       The reasoning behind this high ranking for the Broncos is that they have not fallen off at any point in the past few seasons. The Boise State Broncos are 60 wins to their 6 losses in the past five seasons, and 4 of those losses were in one season. Alot of this success has come due to the great play of Kellen Moore, the upcoming senior at Boise State whom was in the running for the Heisman in years past and could be a Heisman hopefull this upcoming season.

I dont think so…

       The Broncos do not play a respectable team for some reason or another. Their best game this season is at the beginning of the season against Georgia at the Georgia Dome which, with georgia’s good recruiting class, may nock off the Broncos early on in  the season with no oppurtunity to redeem themselve. That is other than TCU which may or may not even be ranked by the time the broncos play them in November.

My Opinion:

       I am going to have to lean towards the SEC side on the fact that Boise will stumble on their first game out of the block, where this is important is that when a team begins being ranked 6th in the nation and then they lose to an unranked Georgia bulldogs,or excuse me Georgia fans them Dawgs! Other then this game i do not see the Broncos faltering although nevada could be a interesting game.


#5 Stanford (Tree’s?)

Where it Makes Sense:

        Here are five things that Stanford has going for them:

                     1: Andrew Luck is the best QB in NCAA Football

                     2:Andrew Luck is a great leader

                    3:Andrew Luck is basically a Pro-QB playing at the college level

                   4:They have a brutal dirty defense

                  5:Did i mention Andrew Luck?

      The reason that i mention Andrew Luck so much is that with Jim Harbaugh moving on to the pro’s Luck is all that Stanford has left, and as soon as he leaves everyone will be back to saying “Wait, what? Stanford has a football team?”


Where it is wrong:

         Jim Harbaugh was too huge of a part of Stanford’s success there is seemingly no way that Stanford will not experiance some sort of drop off in this upcoming season. While Andrew Luck will continue to impress his new coach will most likely not know as much as his own Quarter Back which on average (with the exception of Peyton Manning) ends not well.

My Opinion:

          USC, Oregon State, and Oregon all back-to-back is too much for the Stanford Trees to handle without their leader Harbaugh Oregon will confuse the new coach, and USC will outclass Stanford. So with a minimal of 3 losses Stanford will most likely not be able to hold on to the 5th ranking in the nation.


#4 Louisiana State University

Why It Makes Sense:

        The LSU Tigers are returning a lot of starters although some key figures are gone. Their defense will be one of the most stingy this coming up season like LSU’s defense almost always is. As they get their Quarter Back situation under control and some players begin to mature their talents LSU seems to be peaking in a season where the SEC as a whole appears to be rebuilding.

Where it may be a little off:

        Jordan Jefferson, the QB of LSU, is not a championship calibar football player although he plays a important part of the LSU offense. Between this issue Patrick Peterson being in the pro’s, and an open space at running back for any player to step up it seems like the LSU tigers have grown up but with gaps here and there that could prove to be crucial.

My Opinion:

       LSU even with their issues will win the SEC West and have a tough battle with South Carolina for the SEC Championship, and considering the last 5 years SEC Champ=National Champs the LSU Tigers under the Mad-man Les Miles may be the 6th in a long line of awesome teams and yet another championship for Les Miles.


#3 Bama

(My Favorite Fumble EVER)

Where It Makes Sense:

          Now that i got my diss out early i can go back to being unbiased against the Alabama Elephants. While a lot of people would look at Alabama and note that they lost Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, Greg McElroy, and Marcell Dareus as well as some others they have some how or another already have suitable replacements

                              Mark Ingram ———>Trent Richardson(In my opinion better then Ingram) [Fun fact: he is from pensicola]

                              Julio Jones————> Darius Hanks/Marquis Maze (Who’s stats may go down with Jones gone)

                             Greg McElroy———>Honestly I cant make myself say AJ McCarron is a suitable replacement

        However Alabama does not need a good Qb as Trent will be relied upon to carry the load for the team in 2011. Also with the defense that alabama will be returning the offense may just have to put up 2 touchdowns a game in order to win.

Where It Is Off:
         Alabama will be good, there is no argument to that. However 3rd may be a little high of a prediction this early on into the season. Although they have plenty of talent the lack of QB could be a deciding factor and they do not have a Wide Receiver that has the stature of Julio so teams are not going to have to double cover any one receiver. Also there is some concern on whether or not Trent Richardson will be able to carry such a huge load of carries, and his back ups have been depleated with injuries. Finally Marcell Dareus was a huge impact so look for the D-Line to not be as impressive (still impressive mind you).

My Opinon:

        I will not be making much predictions about Alabama. What i will say is that LSU and Alabama will be a great game to watch, and if the Iron Bowl is anything like the past few it will be epic. Look for Alabma and LSU to duke it out for the SEC West though. That being said War Eagle.


#2 Oklahoma Sooners

Where It Makes Sense:

        The Sooners not only return the most impressive class, but they also have a schedule that appears more than managable for a talented team such as Oklahoma. They have one of the most consistent passing attacks in college, and their defense is very solid from top to bottom. Not to mention they seem to be the only team up north that has their act together.

Where it Could Be Argued:

       Oklahoma could be considered the Preseason #1 team in the nation in the fact that they are simply impressive at both a first glance as well as an in depth look. The Sooners will make a huge impression early on in the season when they go down to Tallahassee to embarass the FSU Noles’ that many people are really excited about being something this season.

My Opinon:

       I feel until proven otherwise the Oklahoma Sooners are the best team in NCAA Football with a sense of humility and direction the Sooners could do what the Auburn Tigers called, going from ‘Good to Great’.


#1 The Oregon Ducks

Where It Makes Sense:

        They took the nation by storm last season and no one (or so it seemed) could stop the Oregon Ducks who ran a play every 4 seconds and put up more points then a mathematician can keep up with. So with Heisman runner-up LaMichael james returning, and Darron Thomas an impressive QB as a sophmore the Ducks look to be just as impressive as they were in this past season.

Where It Is Off:
        LSU does not seem to have the as good of chances as Oklahoma does at going undefeated, which these days is a requirement to go to the National Championship game. Oregon’s biggest test and a sign of how their whole season will play out is how well they play against the impressive LSU, and if they can pull out a win against a bigger team with deeper depth. This could be the game of the year and it is one of the earliest games in the season.

My Opinon:

        Oregon this past season, similar to Auburn seemed to have a season where everything just came together, and every player was needed for their surprisingly good season that no one had seen coming. So with some players leaving and teams targeting the runner up team and scheming to defeat the impressive Ducks. After all when some put you at #1 everyone wants to nock the Duck off its purch…. Get it??



This finally wraps up the Preseason Top 25 review. I hope everyone enjoys reading about both the teams they love, and the teams that they hate. Please recomend this to any of your friends that may enjoy the read, and follow me so you can read more of my writings. I promise none will be this long again, so leave comments!

Everything is Bigger in Texas

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Including their issues on the football field that resulted in a 10 loss season, and a mere 6 victories in the NFL. While in points scored, Passing yards, and rushing yards they ranked 9th, 4th, and 7th respectively they still managed to be terrible this past season.

What caused a failed season by the Texans whose offense had generally impresive numbers?

Well when a team is ranked last in the league at Pass Defense, and 29th in points allowed it proves difficult to win many games. In fact knowing that they had the last ranked pass defens it is shocking that they managed to pull off 6 wins in the 2011 season.

However here is how the Texans can convert from a 6-10 team to a 10-6 team..

Houston Texans


1 Winning Season in past 9 Seasons

Never Been to A Bowl Game

Worst Ranked Passing Defense

The Rundown!!!

QB: Matt Schaub

Honestly I initially planned on nocking on Matt Schaub, but as i rewatched some games and looked at his stats it is clear that he is a decent quarter back that should not be replaced…. yet.

Schaub has thrown twice as many touchdowns as he has interceptions, and not many Quarter Backs in the NFL have this sort of stats. While he is not a Super Bowl caliber QB he is a de0cent option for a starter.

HB: Arian Foster

Arian Foster single handedly tore up the Inianapolis Colts, and is still a developing RB. Look for him to improve in the 2011-12 season and be one of the top backs next season.

WR: Andre “The Giant” Johnson

He is an excellant boxer! Oh and a pretty good Wide Receiver with over 1,000 yards in receptions. The Texans could use another WR to take some pressure off of Johnson and give Schuab more targets. However look for this team to wait to maybe the 3rd round to take a WR.

OL: Youthfull

Another young offensive line in the NFL that will continue to mature, and the team will probably use a few late round picks in order to get some big offensive lineman like Lee Ziemba in the 4th or 5th round.

Defense: The Silk Curtain

The most obvious issue with the Texans is the fact they have the worst passing defense, and a almost as bad rushing defense. Look for the Texans to possibly try and trade up in order to aquire Patrick Peterson, or maybe even Prince Amukamara to try and bulk up this young defense that fail to stop even the worst QB.

The Final Rundown!!!


Founded in 2002 the Bills have no real sort of history. They have never been to a playoff game, and have one winning season in their history as a team. Their biggest achievment is that they have had 3 rookie players of the year in their history.


The Texans are in a good position going into the 2011 NFL Draft. With the Texans being in the position that they are right now they have the most to gain from this 2011 Draft. All they need are some good defensive players and they could easly be in the playoffs by next year.


The Texans show promise, and are farther along than some of the more established teams like the Cleveland Browns. Look for the Texans to be in the playoffs possibly up to 4 times in the next decade, and they might even win a few games in the process of those 4 visits to the playoffs.



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Guys we have Haynsworth! He’s going to put pressure on the QB and our rushing defense will be revered across the NFL this year could be different….

Oh he couldn’t pass the standard physicall test, and he is complaining about every single issue he has? Well that is okay he will come around.

Okay, okay so we have Donovan McNabb he can not possibly fail correct? Wrong McNabb’s work ethics and yet another injury limited his ability although he did give the Redskins a 8th ranked passing offense he was not trusted to finish out a 2 minute drill due to his poor conditioning.

What can these once proud Indians do?

Read on…

Washington Redskins


 2 Winning Seasons in the last 11 Seasons

1 Playoff Birth in last 11 Seasons

31st Ranked Pass and Rushing Defense



Why!? Why is Rex Grossman still in the NFL? Mr. Grossman has thrown 40 TD’s in his time in the NFL, but he has also thrown 40 Interceptions in his career. He has been on the Chicago Bears where he was only a starter for the whole season once in his 6 years with the Bears, and he was then shifted off to the Texans where he started a mere 4 games and underperformed to say the least. Finally he was sent to the Redskins where he surprisingly threw slightly more touchdowns than interceptions in his 3 games that he started.

Please Redskins take the best QB that is available to you, because you couldn’t be patient with McNabb please take a QB as soon as possible. The only thing Rex Grossman will lead a team to is the first overall pick in a draft, so if the Redskins don’t mind taking a season off they can get Andrew Luck.

HB: And It Doesn’t Ease Up

Ryan Torain, um who in the world is Ryan Torain I am not alone in not knowing who this running back from Arizona State is, and for a good reason. Ryan Torain had a decent year with 742 yards, but only had a mere 4 TD’s on the season. The Redskins are in a pickle in the fact that there are no exceptional Running Backs in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Mark Ingram is a solid NFL style Running Back, but the Redskins are going to use their first round pick on a more pressing need such as the QB or WR position or even a solid Defensive player. Look for the Redskins to spend a 2nnd or 3rd round pick on a back like Aaron Murray from Oklahoma.

WR: One Man Show

Santana Moss is a above average Wide Receiver, but he is alone in the fact that the other starting Wide Receiver Armstrong could not catch a cold. While this is a pressing matter i have to disagree with some of the professional analyst in the fact that the Redskins will not be getting a WR in the first round because they do have Chris Cooley at Tight End.

OL: Decent

By far the least problematic part of the Redskins team, and it could use improvement but there are too many issues for this team to deal with to be worrying about the OL.


The Redskins have been playing with a defense that seems to of been put together with the spare parts from the other teams. While one draft will not fix the issues in the defense of the Washington Redskins. So what do the Redskins need specifically?

They have a decent linebacker in London Fletcher, and an okay defensive line that could really use a game changer like maybe Da’Quan Bowers. However I feel that the Redskins should go with a game changer like Patrick Peterson who could change the tempo of the defense with his explosive plays, and consistent interceptions.

The Final Rundown!!!


Founded in 1932 the Washington Redskins (then the Boston Braves) have had 5 League Championships, their last one being in 1991. The Redskins have been average so many years which is seen with their 27 ties throughout their career as a team.


Coaching changes, new Quarter Backs, injuries, attitudes, even death have befallen the Redskins in recent years. This team recognizing this has essentially hit the reboot button, and have accepted that some building years are going to be necessary.


Five years of rebuilding are ahead of the Washington Redskins as young blood will continually be being injected into this worn down team. There is no answer in the 2011 draft to save the Redskins, and unless some crazy trades are made look for the Redskins to be back around this same spot this time next year.



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Every Cowboy has a sad, sad song..

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The Dallas Cowboys are 7th in Scoring Offense, 7th in offensive yards, 6th in passing yards, and 16th in rushing yards. However their defense is second worst in allowing points, and their pass defense is the most glaring issue that need be addressed. In a pass happy league it is not enough to stop a team from running the ball in order to secure a victory.

So how do the Cowboys get back up on their high horse as “America’s Team”? Read and learn

Dallas Cowboys


6 Winning Seasons in the last 11 Seasons

4 Playoff Births in last 11 Seasons

26th Ranked Passing Defense


QB: Anyone other Than Romo

Tony Romo should not be a starting QB on any team in the NFL not because his lack of abilities, because he has amazing stats, but for a team that has hopes to win a Super Bowl sometime in the next decade they need a new QB at the helm of this talent filled offense.

Under Tony Romo the Cowboys have one playoff game and it was a Wild Card game which is technically not even a playoff game. So whom should the Cowboys take? No one in the first round because they have a greater need for some defensive players to attempt to win some games. Look for a Qb to be snagged in the second round for the Cowboys, and it could be Kapernick from Nevada.

HB: Marion Barber

A hard nosed running back that with a better passing game will be one of the leading rushers in the NFL, and maybe some more aggressive O-Lineman could help.

WR: Help Wanted

The Cowboys have two solid starting Wide Receivers but could use some more depth. They’ll look to take the best WR by the 3rh or 4th round.

OL: Broken Collarbone…

Tony Romo has taken some hits over the year, and with some good lineman Marion Barber can run wild. Also with a new QB the Cowboys will be looking to protect their investment.

Defense:Wait they’re allowed to throw the ball!?!?!

The pass defense has been the doom of a otherwise promising Dallas Cowboy team. If Patrick Peterson falls this far in the draft look for the Cowboys to snatch him up. Essentially whomever is the best defensive player will be the pick for the Cowboys, and there are plenty of great options out there in Von Miller, Nick Fairley, Marcell Dareus, Da’Quan Bowers, etc.



Five time Super Bowl Champions, with an overall record that has over 100 more wins than losses. That is an impressive resume for the Dallas Cowboys whom used to be known as “America’s Team” back when they had 6 winning seasons in a row, and 3 Super Bowls in those 6 years.


The Cowboys have had a lot of good years under their leader Tony Romo as well as various other talents. However a Super Bowl hungry Dallas is nipping at the owner’s heals to change whatever has to be changed in order for the Cowboys to rise back to the top.


Honestly the Cowboys offense has been statistically impressive for quite some time, and with a good draft they could be on their way to a Super Bowl. The statement “Offense wins games, Defense wins championships” is one of the most true cliche statements that any and all coaches utter. With a better defense it is quite possible the Cowboys could be contenders in the near future.


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Remember the Titans?

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Remember the…um…which team am i writing about now? Oh that’s right the Titans the team that used to show promise! They were the team on the rise, Vince Young was the prodigy of the NFL, and the way the Quarter Back positioned is played was going to shift from pocket passing players such as Peyton Manning to a gunslinger that could escape the pocket and break a 20 yd run.

Unfortunately Vince Young has seem to fall to the same fate that overcame other scrambling QB’s he was injured and his play had never seemed to pick back up to his potential. So the Titans will undoubtedly decide to part ways with their beloved Vince Young.

The snag in the Titans game is the same on both sides of the ball. The passing offense and defense for the Titans are their glaring two issues that lead them to a disappointing (6-10) season.

So how can the Titans end up more like their mighty mascot instead of a resemblance of the Titanic..


Tennessee Titans


5 Winning Seasons in the last 11 Seasons

5 Playoff Births in the last 11 Seasons

29th Ranked Passing Defense


The Rundown!!!

QB: Kerry Collins (Was Vince Young)

Vince Young was booted out of the Titans squad, and Kerry Collins stepped up to the plate for the Titans. Unfortunately he struck out bringing the Titans one of the worst passing games in the 2010-11 season amongst many other laughable QB’s this past season. For example, did you watch a Arizona Cardinals game this year?

Look for the Titans to take a pocket Qb like Arkansas’ Ryan Mallet as their first round pick. While others have TCU’s Andy Dalton going in this draft slot which i can not see happening due to the questions surrounding his true ability which was not tested in a tough conference. I feel the Titans will over look Ryan Mallet.

HB: THE Chris Johnson

Arguably the best running back in the NFL…Not much else is needed to be said

WR: A Rolling stone gathers No Moss

With Randy Moss back to his prima donna stage he keeps rolling to different teams and he has not looked half as good as he did with the patriots. Also it is becoming increasingly obvious that Randy Moss takes too many plays off which makes it hard to argue that he could be a future Hall Of Famer. So to the rest of the receiving core there are no above average receivers on the Titans, but a second round pick should be used to pick one up after the Titans use their 2 first round picks.

OL: Young Hogs

A very young group of Offensive Lineman, and strangely enough allot of them are from Georgia. Look for the offensive line to improve drastically over the next season. Also with a new QB  the offensive line wont have to block for near as long with a quicker release from their QB.


Tracy Rocker will make a world of difference for the Tennessee Titans defense. While he is a defensive lineman coach he will be able to help the defensive line garner more sacks and pressure the QB on the opposing team even more. Once the Titans Defensive Line gets over hauled the offense will be pressured to improve.

So with a new Defensive Line Coach that is highly regarded at the college level a team needs to bring in a player to inject some life into this otherwise cadaver of a defense. Strangely enough Nick Fairley is being considered as a serious option for the Titans 8th pick in the NFL Draft which would put two Auburn Defensive Lineman and a ex-Auburn Defensive Line Coach.



No Super Bowl wins, multiple different team names, and allot of ups as well as downs. The Titans have a history of having a terrible season, and rebounding with a two seasons of winning records as well as play off births.

Founded in 1960 as the Houston Oilers the Titans have a (391-408-6) record which is a few seasons from being above a .500 ball club. However with their issues both in the need for players as well as some new management because the Titans have been one of the teams where the management loves their Qb more than their own coaches.


The Titans have a doubtful optimism at this very moment. By taking Randy Moss they have sort of admitted they need help in any form, and with a great draft the Titans will still need more assistance to become a force in the NFL for following years. The state of Tennessee is utter sorrow as none of their teams have really given them anything to be upbeat about. With UAB giving the University of Tennessee a scare in over time the state of Tennessee is a few more bad games from giving up on football.


Titans are not one of the teams that i see rising up among the ranks. While they will get some quality players in the NFL Draft they are not a team to put stock into, because they are more likely to take a slow rise back to being successful. As long as Collins is the QB they will not be successful the Titans will either sink even deeper or rise above the rest with whatever QB they choose.




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San Francisco 49ers: Some Miner Readjustments

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     The 49ers under a new head coach will see a drastic change in their style of offense in the fact that mediocrity will no longer be accepted for the 49ers. These players that are used to the old system will either adapt or end up out of a career with the 49ers which does not sound like a terrible idea, but it will be in years to come.

So where did Coach Singletary fail, and ultimately lose his job to Harbaugh? Unfortunately Singletary was not to blame for the managements issues. The 49ers went wrong like many teams do with Quarterback issues, neither of the Smith’s that team has should be their starting Quarterback. Combined they have a mere 2 more Touchdowns then they do interceptions.

Obviously an issue for the 49ers but what can they do about it?

There’s plenty just continue to read..

San Francisco 49ers


2 Winning Seasons in last 11 Seasons (8-8 season)

2 Playoff Births in last 11 Seasons

Passing defense ranked 24th


QB: Smith and Smith

Both Alex Smith and Troy Smith are not only useless as starting Qb’s but neither of them would even argue that they should be a starting QB. The 49ers need a new QB and might take a gamble with somebody like Kaepernick from Nevada who brings all the physical qualities a QB could need, however Kaepernick does not fit Harbaugh’s typical style of Qb so maybe he will settle with trading for Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles

He might even take Andy Dolton in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft.

HB: Speaking of…

Speaking of Philadelphia Brian Westbrook will be in his 11th season this season and while a replacement for him would be good for the 49ers it is not the foremost concern at this moment. He will be a great  blocking back that can catch passes out of the backfield. However a gamble may be taken with someone like McFannin from Auburn or one of the other running backs that fall to the 5th round.

WR: All Crabtree

Crabtree was one of the smartest investments that the 49ers have made in recent years and he threw up nearly 800 yds this last season and with a better QB watch for his numbers to sky rocket. The 49ers could definitely use another target for whoever is under center during this coming up season, and maybe a 4th round pick on a decent TE could be worth a later pick to get an extra blocker and body to throw to.

OL: Harbaugh’s Pet Peeve

Harbaugh at the nearest site of a hole in the offensive line a trade will be done in order to secure whatever project harbaugh has under center. Unless Harbaugh wants to throw this season in order to draft his Prodigy Andrew Luck.


They need 2 Outside Linebackers, a Nose Tackle, Left Defensive End, Strong Safety, and Corner Back in that order, they have two inside linebackers that are killing it. But the defensive line is being pushed around with the exception of the RDE. And the secondary is not overly impressive.



Being (535-438-15) is not a bad overall record for a teams overall history, and 5 Super Bowl Championships over the years. The 49ers have history, with some of the greatest players coming through the team they have their creditability just recent years have not been kind to the 49ers.


The 49ers had a problem and they reacted quickly they have a new head coach, and they have a fusion of young and old talent so they are looking to get some more pieces to the puzzle of a great NFL team. While they realize that they realistically will not become Super Bowl champs in one season, but they understand there back on track for a better record at the end of the season.


The 49ers are in the right direction, and will undoubtedly become a winning team but this season may get their hopes up. They will show promise this season but age on defense will prove to falter their progress and fans will become disappointed, but the 49ers will turn it around within 5 seasons or so.




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